Research project « The Vegan Child »

What are the research objectives?

This research project focuses on the contemporary controversy surrounding child veganism in Switzerland: which risks and benefits are associated with child veganism? How are vegan parents positioned – and how do they position themselves in regards to child feeding?
The research project relies on the analysis of different points of view on child veganism. Discourses from health experts, vegan activists and vegan parents will be compared.

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Which data is collected or produced?

Three types of data is collected or produced:

  • written documents on child veganism in Switzerland (eg. medical guidelines and articles, vegan associations’ websites)
  • qualitative interviews with health experts, vegan activists and vegan parents
  • observation of classes, courses or events on child veganism in Switzerland

Who conducts the research project?

The research project was conceived and is conducted by Edmée Ballif.
It is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (Early.Postdoc Mobility grant). See the project on the SNSF website
The project is also supported by two hosts institutes: Reproductive Sociology Research Group at the University of Cambridge and the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies at the University of Kent.

Are you a vegan parent? Would you like to share your story with me? I am looking for volunteers!
Your participation would be anonymous. It would help me highlight vegan parents’ experiences, whose voices are usually absent from medical guidelines and from the media.

I am a vegan parent – can I participate?
Yes, if you currently live in Switzerland.

I have a plant-based diet but I don’t identify as a vegan – can I participate?
Yes, absolutely. My research focuses on plant-based / vegan food (= excluding all animal products) – whatever label you feel comfortable with. I welcome interviews of persons with flexible practices (eg. persons who would use leather or wool but have a purely plant-based diet).

I am a vegan parent but my child is not a vegan – can I participate?
Yes, absolutely! It is interesting for me to understand why and how parents choose to give their children a vegan diet or not.

Would the rest of my family (partner, children, etc.) also participate?
Ideally, all parents or adults with a parental role (stepmothers or stepfathers, for example) would participate and conduct a separate interview with me. This is because it helps understanding the different or common view points inside of a family. But if they don’t want to – that’s absolutely fine.

How long is the interview and where does it take place?
The interview will last at least one hour to one hour and a half. The subsequent interviews with other parents in your family might be shorter.
Given the current pandemic, all interviews are conducted online, via Zoom, Teams or Skype. Phone interviews can also be arranged.

Will the interview be recorded?
Yes, ideally. An audio recording of the interview will be made if you give your consent. This is because it is very difficult to record your answers precisely by taking manual notes for an hour. All data will be stored in a secure way (see below). If this is an issue however, please contact me and we will find a solution!

How will my data be protected? Will my name appear in a scientific article?
All of your personal data (name, contact details) and your interview will be stored securely and accessible only to Edmée Ballif.
Your interview will only be referenced with a pseudonym that prevents anybody to recognise your identity.

Will I have to sign a consent form?
Yes. Once you have made contact with me, you will receive a consent form detailing the research goals and asking for your consent to record the interview.

How do I need to prepare for the interview? Which questions will I have to answer?
No preparation required – at all. You will just need to tell your story as a vegan parent, your choices and the reasons behind.

More questions?
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